To help you plan better

List of extras you can reasonably expect:

Building Consent & Council fees - and sometimes Development Contributions. Our houses are pre-consented (so you only need consent for position on the site)

Delivery in: 1x 40' and 1x 20' containers for 121sqm and over
                           40’ container for 72sqm & 95sqm
                           20' container for 60sqm and under

Travel & accommodation if you use one of our approved assemblers.

Auger hire. - half a day.

Concrete to piles - about 2.5 cu meters.

Services TO and FROM the house - i.e. from road to house.

Heat-pump installation (but heat-pump itself is included)

Electric cable from Meter box to switchboard - as the location of the meter box may vary.

Electrician - about 2 days - maybe less

Plumber - about 2 days - maybe less

Gas fitter - we supply ONLY the gas boiler (gas hob is optional)
(No gas fittings or bottles included as each gas fitter is responsible for their own workmanship and materials supplied.)

Carpet fitting - we supply the carpet, but some people want underlay. The carpet fitter will provide the carpet bar and the transitions.

Drainlayer & drainage - Every site is different.

Driveways, paths & landscaping.

Fridge, washing machine, dishwasher.

Scaffold / trestle hire for 2 days.

Tool hire - available from QuickBuild for a refundable deposit.