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QuickBuild Homes was first dreamed up back in 2007  when some of our local rental homes fell into disrepair. With new home prices being so expensive, we knew this problem would only get worse. Fewer and fewer people are able afford a new home and when people actually do manage to purchase a home, it is often second hand, damp, expensive to maintain, and usually poorly insulated if at all.
We knew there had to be a way of providing warm, low maintenance, and affordable homes to New Zealanders, but as with all hopes and dreams there are always problems and let downs. 
It soon became apparent that despite our best efforts, there were not enough builders to build the homes that NZ requires. Add that to houses taking weeks and months to get consent, months to build on site, and often running tens of thousands of dollars over budget, it seemed like an impossible task.
There had to be a solution. The QuickBuild Home.
With our own company and invention, and the possible answer to the housing crisis.
QBH’s aim, our goal, is to provide Warm, Affordable, Strong homes to all New Zealanders. 
Pre-approved designs taking 10 days consenting time, Steel lined walls for extra strength, R4.8 insulation in the Floor, walls, and roof, all at the affordable cost of $1850+gst/sqm. 
But even then we knew that you could have the best homes in the world but if there was no one to build them then it was all for nothing. 
So we designed a Kit-set home that was easy to build, so easy in fact it is more of an assembly process. With materials pre-manufactured in house, complete with a 3D assembly manual, a QBH home has now become possible for any NZ’er with a little bit of Kiwi can do attitude to assemble on site themselves in 4 weeks. 
QBH is reshaping the housing industry slowly but surely into homes that are Affordable, Very warm, and Very strong, all while being quick and easy to assemble. 
QuickBuild, your new home

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