3 Bedroom (95 Square Metres)

  • Orientation
  • Construction
  • Water Heating
  • Oven
  • Hob
  • Add Toilet in Laundry
  • Window Colour
  • Flashings Colour (Colorsteel)
  • BRANZ Corrosion Zone

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3 Bedroom House - 95 square meters

By far our most popular kitset. 3 beds with an ensuite bathroom and optional toilet in the laundry. Full bathroom with bath. Many people delete the decks from it and add their own full length deck along the whole of that side - which makes for a fantastic outdoor living space. As with all our homes apart from the Small, choose between gas continuous flow hot water, or an electric hot water cylinder. No cost difference either way for the kitset. If you are using it for rentals, then seriously consider the Stainless steel bench-tops for added durability. If it’s for yourself, then add uPVC windows with 5 point locking to the windows, and no condensation on the frames.