About us

Great homes for everyone

We started out because our traditional rentals, built around 50 years ago, suffered from tenant abuse, large on-going maintenance costs, and unhealthy tenants who also had large heating bills.

Having looked at existing house building methods, we saw that they were not suitable for todays needs.

So we started to research and develop homes that had to be strong, warm and affordable, with very low maintenance requirements.

The result is QuickBuild Homes - Homes that are incredibly strong, with steel linings. Warm, with insulation twice the NZ Building code, and affordable, and around half the price of a traditional build.

Of course, all this wouldn't help if it took 3 months or more to build on site. So we also made it NZ's fastest and easiest to assemble kitset home.

It's so easy that the BCITO refused to allow building apprenticeships if apprentices only worked on our homes. Simply put - they are too simple to assemble for a building apprenticeship.

We have engineered out the complicated skills that a traditional house build requires - resulting in a house that almost anyone can assemble, and in the fraction of the time of a traditional build.

Our policy of continual improvement also means that with each kit the job on site should be a little bit quicker. Sometimes we find better, stronger, warmer ways of doing things. We incorporate these as as soon as we can.

Less time on site also means a safer site.

And our houses are the most eco friendly homes around. With about a suitcase full of rubbish going to landfill form the manufacturing process, and about the same from the on site assembly. And at End of Life, most of our houses can be recycled into their base materials of steel , polystyrene, glass and aluminium. 

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