Where can I Build?

Most modular and transportable homes simply can’t get to a back garden, or down a restricted driveway.
QuickBuild Homes can be put anywhere there is a 1m wide accessway. (Make use of that large back garden!)

Suitable for:

  • Very High Wind Zones,

  • All Seismic Zones,

  • Most Snow Loadings,

  • BRANZ Zone C and lower - Call us for BRANZ Zone D

(some conditions / options do apply.)

Check here to see what zone you are in!

Flat and level ground only.
We can supply alternate foundation details for sloping sites (extra costs may vary)

Generally you will need about 1m on each side before a boundary.
Some councils have "Recession Plains" or other lighting restrictions.
Some councils have minimum "Open Space Areas".
Some councils have minimum distances from boundaries, and if a window is there, then you either need written permission from an affected neighbor, or else you may need resource consent, or to make the glass in a window obscure.

Check all of the above with your council.

Also, ask your council about any existing services that may cross your proposed positioning.
(They won’t let you build over main drains that serve an entire road, or gas lines etc)

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us