Kitset, Shell Build, or Full Build?

We know that just about everyone wants an affordable home. But how can we make it affordable?

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NZ's leading Flat Packed kit-set homes.

They come in a 20' or 40' container.

1m access required for parts.

With our kit-sets you don't just get a pile of frames and a crate of gib. 

You get all the wall panels, pre-cut and pre-painted. The bearers are cut to length and labelled and you simply have to follow the Assembly Manual and it should go together without problems

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Shell Build

1m access required for parts.
Comes flat packed  in 20 or 40' containers

The Shell Build is so much more than a typical LWTF (Light Weight Timber Frame) build. You are not left with a skeleton of a house, but with a home fully insulated, painted walls and ceiling, with lighting cables in place, all the windows and external doors in and the ridge on.

In short - weathertight and secure. 

With a Shell Build we will do:-

Foundations, bearers, floor, walls (internal and external) roof, ridge, and run the cables in the ceiling panels.

All insulation in place, so the house is warm  in winter and cool in summer.

All the skirtings and trims (except door frames and reveals) are in place (but they will need to have their fixings complete.

Shell Build does not include the furniture / rug shown.

Click here to download pdf of ShellBuild details.

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Full Build

This is where we supply just about the entire house for you - foundations to ready to carpet. No furniture is included. We are very busy, but MAY be able to do a full build if local to Palmerston North.

We don't include drives, landscaping, services to the road.

Also comes in containers, and requires only 1m wide access.

Although we include most the plumbing and electrical parts (and the carpet), a Full Build does not include the cost of the plumber or electrician, nor the concrete to the foundations (about 2.5cum for a 95sqm home.)

 If the shipping has gone well, and you look after your panels on site, then they should be great and not need painting. Sometimes mishaps happen on site, or they have become scratched in transport - No problem - we supply color matched spray so you can touch up any imperfections. We do try to pack everything securely, but sometimes loads do shift in transport and panels may become scratched. Even if  some minor dents occur in assembly, then simply use some filler (car bog works best) and sand and spray two or three light  coats and it should be almost indistinguishable from factory. The spray paint is available from Dulux - color "Titania", if you require more. Flashings are also a standard colorsteel product, and color matched paint is also available from Dulux.
From time to time we make improvements to our products for various reasons. Some are at no charge. Some are chargable. We have new products in development which will significantly improve the performance of you home. Most of these are able to be retrofitted.
Kitchens are standard Bunnings, as are the bathrooms, allowing you to customize your own home.