The QuickBuild Process

From A-Z


1 - Identify - Where is the section that you want to build on?
- Get Lot & DP number.
- Ask your council for these if you don't have them
2 - House Type  - Which QuickBuild Home do you want?
- Decide on the available variations
3 - Who will build it? - You?  (you will need Form 2B - Declaration of Self Build - for your council.) The rule is that you have to intend to live in it.
- A local builder?
- One of our approved assemblers?
- If one of our assemblers, then “Shell Only” or “Full Build”?
4 - Talk to your council  - Talk about putting a house there.

They may talk about:
- Boundary distances,
- Recession planes (how high the house is in relation to boundaries), and
- “Set-Back” distances,
- Outdoor Living areas  etc.

- If your house doesn’t comply with these, then you may need to get “Resource Consent”.
- This is not a daunting as it sounds, and you can often do it yourself.
- Find out if they need a “Geo-technical Report” (A report on the quality of the ground under your house.)
5 - Ancillary work - Get pricing for these services, such as drains, water, power connections, and also get their lead times.
6 - Budgeting - Seriously.
- Make sure you can get finance.
7 - Geo-technical Report
- Get it done if required by council.
8 - Dates - Get an approximate delivery date / lead time from us.
- Send us a copy of the Geo-technical report if your council required it.
9 - Sign Contract  - Sign on the dotted line with us!
- Pay 15% deposit.
- We will then send you plans and specification for council.
- We will also do any extra design work at this stage for ground conditions if required
(slope, geo-tech, etc)
- Extra design work is chargeable
- Sign Freight Contract.
10 - Prepare Consent - You prepare and submit building consent, and possibly Resource Consent if required.
- Council have 10 working days to approve one of our standard houses.
- If you need alterations for foundations, then they have 20 days.
11 - Manufacture - We will start to manufacture your kit-set.
12 - Final Payment & Inspection - When kit-set is manufactured, pay remaining money due.
- You may come to visit and put your own padlock on your 40’ container if you want.
- The whole lot is then yours!
13 - Shipped & Start Building - Container and panels are shipped to site and you may start building