What are the Restrictions?

So you don't get in trouble!

All work will still have to comply with the Building Code.

Every house or building over 30 square meters requires Building Consent.

Every house or building under 10 square meters, but with water requires Building Consent.

Any building exemption for sleepouts only applies if it is than the maximum height of the building away from any boundary. i.e. if your ridge is 3m high, then the building can be no closer than 3m to any boundary.

You still need Building Consent for positioning & boundaries.

The house however is pre-approved by MBIE.

It has to be built according to the Consented Plans.

With a traditional build or kit set, you cannot have self-built another home within the past 3 years. However, with Quick Build Homes, you can.

You must own the land ( a mortgage is OK).

A  “Licensed Builder” is still required to oversee the pile holes and the panel assembly if you decide not to pursue an "Owner Builder Certificate".

If you are doing an "Owner Builder" - i.e. you are the owner and not a licensed builder, there is a requirement to  either live in, or intend to live in the house you build.

(If you are using a Licensed builder it is just like a normal build - you may live in it, or sell it, rent it etc?

You still have to run a safe site, and make sure there are no accidents, complying with Health & Safety rules.