Beryl Kirk - purchased a 60-sqm 2 bedroom home to live in.

Just a quick word to say how great our new house in the backyard is.
From looking at the show home in Bulls to you handing us the keys for the shell built house nothing has been too much trouble.
Great wealth of knowledge helping with council stuff to the finished house you have been great,
The house comes with everything you need in the container and has a lovely finish,
Thankyou QBH for helping us get our lovely home at a great price I would recomend them to everyone

Barry Edwards - 121-sqm 3 bed to live in

We have been in our Quickbuild house for two years now and are very happy with it. Everything works the way it should…nice and warm, dry and efficient.
Keep up the good work

Stuart Belk - Purchased 3 x 95-sqm as rental properties 

After a lot of time researching kitset home companies, we decided on quick build homes.
The reason we chose quick build was we were going to build three houses at once that were going to be used as rental properties, so they needed to be affordable extraordinarily strong well insulated and quick to build. They were the only company that could tick off all my requirements.
Working with Neil and Jonathan has been a fantastic experience they have managed the planning process well they managed there building team well and any questions or issues I had were resolved.
In a timely manner, I cannot thank quick build homes enough they have been great though our building process. I would have no hesitation in recommending or using quick build homes in the future.

Rueben Ellet - purchased a 95-sqm 3 bedroom to live in

These guys are doing the mahi, getting out there and innovating as well as pushing council boundaries to get Kiwis into affordable homes.

They're honest, customer focussed, and driven. We started building our home with QBH back in 2020, before the lockdown occured.

Once the lockdown was lifted the lads were straight back into it to finish the job. I also want to give my thanks to the hard working folk in the office that helped me with my plans and paperwork to access the homestart grant and kiwisaver.

The home is OUR home. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Efficient and minimalist in design but has everything you need.  QBH homes do have only one drawback, in that noise transfers throughout the house very easily.

A welcome tradeoff compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars we saved, which afforded us some free funds to build a sleepout where we CAN make some noise!

If you're on the fence like I was (for over a year before committing) my advice is to just go for it. The best time to build a home is as soon as you can, they're not getting any cheaper.

Thanks team, keep up the good work!

Nick Morten - has purchased 6 x 95-sqm + 1 x 138-sqm as rental properties

I've had a great experience working with Quick Build Homes - we ended up with an excellent house that is a pleasure to live in, and has received a lot of praise from visitors and family. Every project has its issues, I certainly did, but Quick Build worked with me to resolve and overcome them, and I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future -

Peter Neve - purchased a 72-sqm 2 bedroom as an investment property. 

Quickbuild were easy to deal with, quick to return calls or emails.
We bought a 2bdrm house,and are really happy.they are great value leaving you money for outside projects.really well insulated so cheap to run.
low maintenance and quick build time.
Multi-proof consent means less time/ stress dealing with council.If we were to ever build again we would go with Quickbuild.

Paolo Guerriero - purchased a 60-sqm for an air bnb

We had a great experience with Quickbuild homes. The process was really smooth and the final product looks great.

Paul Seiler - purchased 2 x 72-sqm for rental properties

My husband and I purchased two 72sq.m kitsets from QBH, assembled the first ourselves three years ago and had QBH do the second two years ago. Both are elevated/on slopes, with parking and storage underneath, not uncommon in Wellington. The fact we returned for a second is evidence enough that we were pleased with what we got. Further, we still own both as rentals - Our tenants are happy living in them and we are pleased to own them. 
The process wasn't without issues, but open and honest communication saw all issues resolved amicably. We are currently building two more SIP houses through a different company (we wanted to go two-story) and it has been the same. The building process is as much about how you deal with what arises as it is about getting exactly what you initially expected. And we are on even better terms with the key staff at QBH now than before we first built.
The houses have valued up sell, both in terms of rent and resale value. They each have a strong yield, due to low up-front costs. Happy tenants, low maintenance and economical build = happy landlord.
We fully intend to build another QBH, once we find the right site. We encourage others to consider the same and my husband is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Wayne Dermondy - has purchased 5 x 95-sqm + 3 x 72-sqm for build and sell 

Fantastic product for anyone.  First Home Buyers.  Investors.  Holiday homes.  Down sizers.
Hi, my name is Wayne Dermondy.  In April 2018 I came across a Quick Build Home advertised on the Property section of Trade Me.  I was intrigued by the concept so contacted the company to have a look at their show home.  Was impressed with the concept enough to purchase a sub dividable site in Upper Hutt, Wellington at the end of the following month with a plan to have build two of their 95m2 houses.
QBH give you three build options.  1. You can just buy the kitset and build it yourself.  2. You can pay QBH to do the “Shell Build”, which is building the dwelling to lockup stage.  3. Full Build.  Their site explains in more detail on the build options.  
I chose the Shell Build option.  Unfortunately, QBH were so busy at the time we needed them to build the first house, in October 2018, the only way they could do it for us was to provide one of their builders to teach me and a friend to build the first one. 
I got in to building these things by accident.  Have since built up my own crew and we have are now close to finishing our fourth 95m2 house and have two more 95m2 houses to build plus three 72m2 houses to build.  Basically, I plan to build a lot more of these in the future.  
They sell well.  
For example. Before COVID-19, in the Wellington market, a 95m2 may sell anywhere from mid $500s to high $600s.  Also, a 72m2 QBH house sold in the suburb of Taita, Lower Hutt for very high $500s a few weeks before lockdown with a small section.
They rent really well too.  
You can get the same market rent for one of these as any standalone house in the market of comparable size and condition.  They have a great insulation rating.  Are double glazed. They have a better insulation rating than any conventional new build if they were to use the minimum BRANZ insulation specs.  And are super low maintenance too.
Basically, I plan to build a lot more of these in the future and can recommend them to anyone.  So have a look at their website and give them a call.

Sandra - purchased a  43-sqm to live in 

We bought our 43-sqm kitset and it arrived neatly packed in a 20 foot container. We employed a builder to help us and the house was up in no time. QuickBuild were awesome to deal with, very friendly and really know their stuff. We totally love our very warm new home. We live in Central Otago where it gets really cold, but we don't need much extra heating. I would highly recommend them.

Steve Carran - product supplier 

Great Company, fantastic products and making affordable kiwi homes. 

Esther Bridewell - owner of a 72-sqm 

We bought our first home and it’s one of these, we absolutely love it. It’s warm, dry, and easy to heat/cool down. We love the practical layout and design of the whole home. We have a 3bed 72sqm home and find it just awesome to live in. Their crew did the whole build for our home, and we were able to have some input with the developer and add a few extra electrical outlets and a vanity light in the bathroom. Really great to deal with and again, we just love our home.

Robbie and Tracey Walker - purchased a 72-sqm 2 bed to live in 

Would like to share our experience with Quickbuild and our thoughts of final product.
From the beginning we thought the customer service was friendly and honest.
There was no pressure, all enquires were answered efficiently. 
The build was done professionally and with outstanding safety.
The builders were friendly and respectful at all times.
We are very thankful to Quickbuild for finishing our home in time for Christmas.
The final product is outstanding and we are very happy. My mum loves her new home and could not be happier.
All visitors and neighbours are all amazed how fast it went up when they see the home most responds is they could live in this house.
Thank you so much for the service and we will for sure spread the word.
Robbie and Tracey.

Marcus Ohlson - purchased a 72-sqm 3 bed to live in

Had the absolute pleasure of working with QBH. Thought the pricing was just too good to be true but ended up better than expected. Got the 72sq 3 bed and it's great, especially being in Palmerston North where you can build up to 80sq without a resource consent.
From an empty back yard to a full build within 2 months is unbelievable. Build guys were a pleasure to have around, were like part of the family. I couldn't recommend more

Rudi Bauerfiend - purchased a 95-sqm 3 bed to live in 

Bought a Kitset from Quickbuild Homes. It came in one delivery when they said it would for the price agreed on. With the building industry currently suffering material shortages and price increases it helped for a smoother/less stress build process.