Timeline for a QuickBuild Home

This timescale is for a LARGE. Smaller homes should be faster, Larger ones a bit longer.

Day 1

Set out & dig the pile holes.
We suggest Hiring out an Auger for half a day.

Day 2

Building Inspection early morning.
Assemble bearers & piles.

Day 3

Pour concrete in the morning.
Put the fully insulated floor down in the afternoon.

Day 4

Floor Fixings

Day 5

Fix the skirtings to the floor.
Layout the wall panels

Day 6

Put the external walls up

Day 7

Put the internal walls up
(This may take an extra day if you haven't sorted through all the panels yet!)

Day 8

Put the windows in, the living room beam, & the essential roof trims

Day 9

Put the roof on.
(Yes - you will get the roof on in only a day!)

Day 10+

Finish at your own leisure.