You can build almost anywhere in NZ.

There are very few places you can't build in NZ

Our homes only have a 2kPa snow loading, so you can't build on the tops of mountains

     However, there are some things that can be done to enable 3kPa snow loading.

Bad ground

     Many councils these days require a geotech report. If this says that your ground is not "Good ground" don't worry - our houses, because of their unique design can go in places where traditional foundations would be much more expensive. Sometime this involves longer piles, or even driven piles. Liquefaction can also be an issue - again we have a solution to this. 

Sloping ground

    Minor slope up to 450mm are no problem - but do require some extras such as longer flashings or more entrance steps. Sometimes it's better to "cut and fill" a slope. If you have a larger slope, then a specific foundation design needs to be done.


   Our homes are rated to Very High Winds. If you are in a zone with higher wind speeds, please still enquire - we often have solutions to this.


    Our homes are made with NZ Colorsteel. Some areas in NZ are subject to wind driven salts, and there we use ColorMaxx. All our flashings are ColorMaxx as standard. If your section is close to the coast it will need extra maintenance than if it is a long way inland.

Underground Services

    While in some limited situations, you can build over underground services, you should make sure you know where all underground services are before you start planning you house. Discovering underground services when doing the piles will lead to delay and expense. Watch our for overhead lines as well.