QBH have been in business since 2007, so we have a reasonable track record.

Our aim is to provide warm and strong houses at an affordable cost.

Why build with Quickbuild? 

Well thats simple really, we’re ahead of the curve boasting features that blows the competition outta the water for value for money! 

> New insulation regulations coming in November? Done! Already 35% better. 

> New ventilation regulations? Done! 

> Complete house package and a guaranteed price? Done! 

> Availability to supply in months (NOT years)?? Done! 

> Access into tricky hard to get to sites? Done! Choose from our many different delivery options… 

> Experience? Over 50 years experience in the building industry! 

> Quality? Second to none in the SIP’s industry! 

Quickbuild Homes have been creating kit-set homes for years! Built on site on 5 weeks, 35% warmer, 20% cheaper, 30% stronger!  and fully utilising the amazing potential of this unique building method means that you’ll have a home thats built to last. Once you sign up with Quickbuild, you are purchasing a warmer, stronger, and an overall more affordable product than the market generally provides for. Some of the bigger benefits of working with Quickbuild are… 

> R4.8 insulation to the floor, walls, and roof! 

> 5 (average) week build time on site! 

> Affordable! While not compromising on quality 

> Strong! You can be sure your new home will be strong enough to survive the toughest conditions! 

> Quick fit thermally broken windows! 

The benefits and possibilities of working with Quickbuild are endless! From spec homes to investment properties, first home buyers to developers, Quickbuild is capable of catering to everyones new home  needs from cape Reinga to the Bluff and almost anywhere in between! You’ll also have the peace of mind that your working with like-minded, enthusiastic people who want nothing more than the best for our customers. 

With plenty of options to personalise your home with choices of colours, styles, gas or electric, and so on, your home will feel like your own special place!